Janus-UAE v1.2 released

Nearly a year after 1.1 was released, I found the time to fix some of the v1.1 bugs. Some of them appeared because of recent AROS changes and bug fixes. There are no new features in this release.

Bug fixes:

  • Janus-UAE gui did not work well with updated Zune (commit  r44336). For example, all memory selections were activated at the same time.
  • Slider gadgets in the gui are now working (save/load).
  • Opening the Amiga display on an own custom screen now does not open screen behind all other screens anymore.
  • When started from CLI, CLI is not closed anymore after exit.

This is exactly the same version as released by Paolo with Icaros 1.4.2. So no need to update for Icaros 1.4.2 users.