The Guru has been taking in riddles again.

A few days ago I created a tool called NoYellow, it hack that is supposed to prevent the yellow guru mediation, from displaying, in the stone age when this guru meditations where created it was only Red Guru meditation, all crashes resulted back then in computer crash, in Workbench 2.0/AmigaOS2.0 or maybe later 3.0, the Yellow guru mediation was introduced, this was recoverable crash, well acutely many of the errors are not that critical as you might thing, many devices and libraries have there own error codes.
The left code is the error code, the right code is where application/task exists in memory.
During a Guru mediation the system is stopped including multitasking so you read the message, and then you just clicked away the error, but recent AmigaOS4.0 from 2004 introduced the USB standard a software driven protocol, now its no more possible click away the errors.
 The Guru has been taking in riddles again.
The Hex code of error message is not so understandable, you don't really know what happened unless you lookup the errors codes.

bits of hex error code is divided like this

1 bit - Dead end massage
7 bit - General Error
16 bit - Sub system specific errors.
But this not really true, some errors code have decide it was cool to mix General error bits whit Sub System specific errors bits, the result is that NoYellow V1.0 can print out many false positives, I'm working on improving this.
have also revived a few comments, about the project on
First of all a error requester can't be used because you never know what that state you got a Alert message, it might have been in a forbid, and you do not wont lots alerts you most click away, and sense there no built in error event log in AmigaOS, putting the messages there is not possible, ringhio pop up was next best ting, but also gave me a opportunity to experiment whit a new API, I have not used until now, cool thing about ringhio is that its displayed on all public screens.
its more important for developers to understand the guru messages then users, note it does not privet a crash it only gets past the point of mouse click.