My first post!

  Well, I've finally decided to do it!  Yes, it is a blog site dedicated to my favorite computer, the Amiga! But even more specifically, to the next generation of Amiga Computers, the AmigaOne.
  I hope to add new blog entries periodically that give information about the AmigaOne computers that run AmigaOS4 and beyond. Amiga OS4, for those who do not know, is the next generation PPC based Amiga OS operating system licensed from AmigaInc to Hyperion, and is the original Amiga 3.1 Source Code updated to run on PPC AmigaOne Machines.
  What AmigaOne machines you ask? Well, in the past couple of years several new AmigaOne computers have been designed and released in a number of varieties. The low end of these machines sport a PPC 667MHZ CPU, while the high end, the AmigaX1000, uses a PA-Semi CPU that has Dual-core PWRficient PA6T-1682M 1.8 GHz PowerISA v2.04+ CPU! Wow - I wish I had one!
  You can find out more here: Amiga X1000 Wikipedia
  I bought my AmigaOne back when the very first new AmigaOnes were introduced by Eyetech. I got it on Christmas 2004 and have been using it almost every day ever since.