RDesktop 1.6 for MorphOS now available!

A fresh new port of rdesktop 1.6 is now available, compiled for MorphOS! Many thanks to Michał Żukowski for the port!

We highly recommend you to use this version if you are using MorphOS!



New features in this version:

  • UTF support including:
  • UTF8 clipboard chunk to RDP (UTF16-LE)
  • RDP (UTF16-LE) to UTF8 clipboard chunk
  • RDP (UTF16-LE) to ID_CHRS clipboard chunk with conversion to local codepage
  • ID_CHRS clipboard chunk to RDP (UTF16-LE) with conversion from local codepage
  • Conversion from/to local codepage to UTF16-LE during disk access operations, user name, password etc.
  • Version string fix
  • Audio (backported from RDesktop 1.5)
  • Morphos directory mounting under Windows (NETDISK option)
  • Libnix version compiled with GCC4
  • Clone WB mode for automatically fullscreen mode selection

Download RDesktop-1.6-morphos here!