p-uae v0.1

I decided to do a quick alpha release of my p-uae port, grab it from the aros-archives / aminet, as soon as is accepted there.

This alpha release of P-UAE for AROS is based on the sources at http://github.com/GnoStiC/PUAE from the 31st January 2013.

This is a *real* alpha version, don't expect anything: It *will* crash, it *will* miss features and so on.

As PUAE is based on the merged WinUAE version, it means, that P-UAE v0.1 is based on WinUAE 2.6.0.

I introduced a new version naming system for P-UAE for AROS, as I will improve this release and there is no other way to distinguish two releases of P-UAE 2.6.0 otherwise.

You can get the sources to this build from the p-uae branch of the janus-uae repository, online browse-able


P-UAE reads the config from a .uaerc file, so if you have a j-uae configuration, copy/rename it.

What does *not* work, is the GUI. It will show up, but will be useless. So better keep the use_gui=no setting.

What seems to work:
- keyboard, mouse
- harddisk emulation with filesystem
- floppy emulation
- 68020/68881 CPU emulation

Everything else, I have not yet tested ;).

I just wanted to give you something to play with. This is for the brave ones, there is no default .uaerc supplied.

Bug reports are maybe not yet useful. Let me know, if the above does not work for you at all. But I always like to hear, if something *does* work, of course ;).