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Pre-show ramblings

In just over 4 hours I'm setting off for Wellington airport and ~50 hours later will have swapped winter for summer when I arrive at my eventual destination, in the future and back in time. Which is quite apt really because, later in the week, I will be attending the Silicon Dreams & UK Vintage Computer Festival which celebrates the silicon chip age of modern and retro computing. Hopefully by the time the show starts on Friday I will have semi-recovered. If you are planning to attend please call by the A-EON Technology booth and help keep me awake. I can't promise any scintillating conversation but at least we can talk Amigan and use phrases like pre-emptive multi-tasking, Custom chipsets and hardware compositing without people thinking we are slightly deranged and a bit geeky! Who said knock, knock, knock Penny? ;-)

I'm also hoping we can show a few interesting things at the show but as usual we are hard up against the deadlines so no promises. However, come along and have some fun and, at the very least, I'm sure AmigaKit will have their usual selection of Classic and Next-Generation Amiga goodies to tempt your credit card. I will attempt to update my blog from the show and provide interesting titbits of information as and when they arise.

To help us commemorate the event, Amigan Lars Nelson has created a special Retro/Nouveau "Boing Ball" Animation to celebrate 28 years of the Amiga and the AmigaOS. I will post a link to the animation after the Silicon Dreams show. I Hope to see some of you next weekend.