Update on Updates

I was reminded today by Bill Borsari that my last update to the AmiWest
website  was  May 17, 2013.  Personal circumstances necessitated a break.  So now, back to regular updates.  .

Even  absent  the  updates,  other  things  have  been happening behind the
scenes,  as always.  The unexpected is always expected at AmiWest, and sure
enough, it has been occurring.

You  are  cordially  invited  to keep tabs on this page - many more updates
will follow!

So  be  sure  to  watch  this  blog for the latest in AmiWest 2013 news and
details.   Every  year  gets better - but it won't be better for YOU unless
you  attend.   Reserve  October  16-20, 2013 on your calendar and make your
plans  to  attend the Second Programming Conference (16-18) and the AmiWest
2013  show  (18 PM - 20), the Amiverse show on the West coast of the USA at
the   Holiday   Inn   Express,  2224  Auburn  Blvd.,  Sacramento,  CA  Tel:
916.923.1100.  You don't want to miss it!