Amiga Galaxies: Classic Amiga, the source galaxy

Every  innovation  has  a beginning, a source.  So it is with the AmiVerse.
What  began  as  Amiga  and  is  now  Classic Amiga is that beginning, that

It was fun to work for a startup computer company in the 1970's and 1980's.
Commodore, Atari, Coleco (later named Sega), Sinclair, and many others took
the  plunge.  People stayed up all night (and sometimes for days at a time)
to "win" the race to introduce before some other company did.

The  original  Amiga  team  and  its  history  is  detailed elsewhere.  The
importance  for  the  AmiVerse  is  that  this  team  produced a concept so
singular that it is still news today.  Much of the old equipment still runs
and performs tasks at a useable level today.  And the concept, the "spirit"
of Amiga, lives on.

We  owe  much as a continuing community to this source galaxy, the first of
its  kind.   We  refer  to  this  as the source, the "way it should be" for
continuing  development.   As  we  expand, extend and re-imagine Amiga, the
source "galaxy" is always in view.

And  at  AmiWest  2013,  we  will have much in support of the Amiga Classic
(source  galaxy)  platform.   Be sure to see our previous blog post on that
topic.   Come  to  AmiWest 2013 to start your glactic tour with the source,
the Amiga Classic Galaxy.

So  be  sure  to  watch  this  blog for the latest in AmiWest 2013 news and
details.   Every  year  gets better - but it won't be better for YOU unless
you  attend.   Reserve  October  16-20, 2013 on your calendar and make your
plans  to  attend the Second Programming Conference (16-18) and the AmiWest
2013  show  (18 PM - 20), the Amiverse show on the West coast of the USA at
the   Holiday   Inn   Express,  2224  Auburn  Blvd.,  Sacramento,  CA  Tel:
916.923.1100.  You don't want to miss it!