The "Spirit" of Amiga

A universe is an expression of a vision. While many explanations
have been
advanced concerning the "vision" that originated the physical
those explanations center around a central thought. So, indeed,
does the

And what is that thought? Here is an explication of a vision by
architect Carl Sassenrath, published some time ago but still

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In the "AmiWest 2006 - Any reports?" topic, I made this statement:

Quote: I know quite well what an Amiga is. To me, Amiga is well

Saimo asked me to elaborate, and it would be my pleasure to do so.

Here is my definition of Amiga:

The Amiga is a computer system that enables millions of creative
people at
a low cost of ownership.

Are you surprised I define Amiga that way? Not in terms of CPU,
MHz, bus,
chips, or apps? Here's what I mean...

Computer System: Amiga is a complete system including both
software and
hardware. You want people to be able to buy the entire package,
not just
the "kit". For software, from what I've seen, I think OS4 does it
well. For hardware, I don't care what CPU, as long as it can
fully satisfy
the rest of the definition below. (Remember that I was one of the
68000 supporters, but I think the CPU topic is no longer

Enables: This is the action verb. To me this word is more than
just the
opposite of disable (e.g. Windows), it means to empower. The
should work for people, not the other way around. (As I've said

Millions: Do we want just a few Amiga users or do we want
millions? I
still believe in what we started back in 1985. Millions of users
gives us
a true marketplace where hundreds of products can afford to be
supported, and thrive.

Creative People: Creative people solve problems. They think.
enhance. The legacy of Amiga is the amazing list of doers,
artists, musicians, programmers, and even CEOs who have owned and
Amiga over the last two decades. Those are the kind of people you
using your system - not droids. And also, I don't just mean
users, I am also talking about creative developers and
entrepreneurs who
make it possible from the start.

Low Cost: This has always been an important component of the
Amiga dream.
We want schools, families, community orgs, hobbyests, and small
to buy into Amiga. We want the starving artists. We want the
young genius
or rebellious kid. So, the barrier to entry must be low. In
fact, if it
were possible to rejuvenate old PC boxes and laptops to make them
Amigas, I would be for that. (Remember how Linux got started?)
There is
also more to low cost than just the purchase price... cost

Final Note: I know that many current users will not agree with all
points (perhaps mostly the last). But, it's important to start
with the
top level definition. That's how we made the original Amiga. We
what was most important.

All goals are not equal. If you want to go for the big win, you
have to give up a few lesser desires.

I would love to see the Amiga return someday as a force in the
arena. I actually think it is possible, as insane as that may
sound. But,
it's going to require a clear vision and a grassroots unity of

Admittedly, this was a while ago and Carl's views may have
However, I believe that this is an important vision of the
"spirit" of Amiga from the man who, with the help of many, brought
Amiga to life.

We will continue to explore this statement of vision in future
blog posts
and at AmiWest 2013 in October. Thank you, Carl, for giving us a
place to

So be sure to watch this blog for the latest in AmiWest 2013
news and details.