JAmiga 1.2

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 4 November 2013

JAmiga 1.2 is currently in os4depot's upload queue. After its been approved and uploaded, I will add the update to AmiUpdate -- so you who already have v 1.1 installed can wait for the AmiUpdate update.

This is a full release: all required components are in the archive. Future updates of the individual components will be available with AmiUpdate as usual.

Change log

  • Added support for java.io.Console in javanio.library
  • Changed drawer hierarchy of JAmiga files in order to ease update and maintainability
  • Minor fixes in jamvm
  • New default and regular icons from Mason
  • The environmental variables (BOOTCLASSPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH) are no longer needed

Thanks to all of you

I'd like to, in no particular order, thank you all who have contributed in any way to JAmiga. To mention a few:

  • Joel Edberg for testing (and constant nagging me for updates)
  • Thomas Blatt for the first set of icons
  • Martin Mason Merz for the 2nd set of icons, including DefIcons
  • All you kind lovely amigans for support, cheering and donations! Without you, my work would be profoundly pointless!

And, of course, credit where credit is due. This is a continuation of the original JAmiga effort, by Peter Werno and André Dörffler. Even though there has been lots of changes, and it now also sports the JamVm JVM by Robert Lougher.

Nope, now I have to press "Publish" -- the os4depot upload has been approved!