Moving from prototype on a solderless breadboard to PCB soon

So I’ve got a reasonable number of memory tests passing with the prototype solderless breadboard.

There are some minor issues that are mostly related to the stability:

  • Sometimes my memory board steps on the built-in memory, causing the Amiga to crash.
  • I think there’s crosstalk with my prototype because of data/address lines that are simply too long (close to 12″ or more on some of them)
  • This D10 stuck bit issue shows up 45 out of 256,000 times….not horrible, but I’m pretty sure that due to the previous bullet point.
  • There’s some issue with high-speed back to back reads just crashing.

The PCB will eliminate many of these potential problems, and might allow me to get down to the brass tacks of any real still-outstanding issues.

I’ve more or less decided to do phase II immediately by incorporating the RTC into the PCB design.

The SMT parts will be ordered shortly, followed by a double-check of the PCB design, and then the PCBs will be ordered.

Below is the latest version of the protoboard.