ACube Games Bundle Version 1 for X1000

Today I am looking at the recently released Games Bundle Version 1 DVD for AmigaOS4.1, on the AmigaOne X1000. This bundle was released by ACube Systems and features over 70 game ports done by HunoPPC (Hugues Nouvel).

I purchased this bundle from Amigakit (which I notice is not on their website anymore), but you can still get it from ACube Systems shop here.
Most of these games can be downloaded from various locations over the internet, but it is certainly very convenient to have them all on one DVD, easy to install and run. In addition, you are helping to support ongoing game development on AmigaOS4, and I think that makes it well worth the 12 Euro cost.
To be honest I was surprised just how many games are on this DVD! (Click to expand)
Some games I have already looked at on this very blog, like Frogatto and 1941 Deluxe for example. But there were many games on here I had never seen before and I was keen to try out. 
There are also some some emulators on the DVD, including Atari Lynx (Handy), Sega Master System (SMS-Plus), Atari Jaguar (Virtual-Jaguar) and more:
There are some instructions included on how to use the DVD - essentially drag the game folders to where you want them, and run them! Some games need data files downloaded first (when they couldn't be included on the DVD for legal reasons), and icons are included in each game folder where that is necessary.
I couldn't possibly cover all the games on this DVD so I have selected a few to show you some screenshots from here to whet your appetite.
First up is Rise of the Triad - an old PC gaming first person shooter. A favourite of mine! Run the shareware version unless you have the original Wad files from the Full version - the Readme-OS4 explains this. This game does not need the Dual Display setup with 9250 to play it.

Title screen:

Main Menu:

Choose the character you want to play - not sure if this is particularly relevant so you don't actually see him in the game!

The game starts here:

Hidden area:

Have to admit I got a bit distracted playing this, looking for the secret walls which are everywhere in this game!

The game plays perfectly on the X1000 with no slowdown.
The next game I wanted to look at is called HexGem, which is a puzzle game requiring you to match gems of a similar colour. This game also does not need the Dual Display 9250 to run.
From the main menu you choose your difficulty level:

And here are some screenshots in game:

It is a bit confusing at first, but I quite enjoyed playing it!
When I saw Patience Mahjongg I had to try it out - it does need the Dual Display 9250 setup on the X1000 to play. The initial tile loading was a bit slow, but in game ran well - note the game text is all French, not in English:

When you click on a tile, it shows you the options of which matching tiles are visible and whether they can be removed. Just double click to remove from the board. I quite enjoyed playing this:

Next up I took a look at Metal Slug - I was very impressed with this game. This does not need the Dual Display 9250 to play it.  Metal Slug is a a typical late 80's/early 90's style 2D, side on, shoot everything that moves game. I particularly liked the graphics and backgrounds:
Main Title screen:

The Main menu quickly changes to show the game tutorial on how to play it:

In game screenshots:

Game over screen and High score screen:

Run perfectly smooth on the X1000 and a lot of fun too!
Next game I looked at is BallGameHD. This is a match the colours puzzle game, and does not need the Dual Display 9250 to run:

In game screenshots:

There is even a level editor to create your own levels if you want:

The next game I looked at was Secret Maryo Chronicles. Of course, this is a slight rewording of the famous platform game on which it is (ummm) shall we say "heavily based"....
Probably just as well the Amiga is not a platform that Nintendo would care about these days - unlike the Giana Sisters episode back in the glory days of the Classic Amiga. This game does need the dual display 9250 setup on the X1000 to play it:

Map of the locations you play through in this game:

 Very bright screens and full of colour:

It plays smoothly and looks great.
The last game I will look at is Hexen 2, a PC first person shooter written by ID Software. It can run with or without Dual Display 9250 on the X1000 - icons for each are displayed. 

I ran the Install-Demoversion icon to run through the installer that downloads the relevant demo files and installs them for you:

This is the software rendered version of the game:

In game shot:

The game runs smoothly on the X1000, and looks great too.
There are so many more games to look at on this DVD, but hopefully this gives you a taste. 
I recommend you to buy this game bundle DVD, support AmigaOS4 game development, and try them all out for yourself!