Dual Screens on the AmigaONE 500

I recently acquired an 'old' Dell LCD display from my dad who found it lurking in the back of a cupboard. I say 'old' because it doesn't seem to have been used and is suspected to have come with a PC some years ago and then for some reason was put away and forgotten about. I decided to put the screen to some use and hook it up to my AmigaONE 500.

I had heard of the possibility of running dual screens on the AmigaONE 500 and was curious to give it a try. My machine has a Radeon HD card connected to a more modern Philips LED display, leaving the motherboard's onboard graphics chip unused. So I connected the Dell display to the motherboard's VGA port and took a look at MUI to see if I could get one of the various MUI screens to use the onboard graphics chip rather than the Radeon HD. This turned out to be pretty simple and just a case of selecting one of the in-built graphics chip's screen modes (see below).

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