Amazing Classic Amiga Project: cheap 68040->68060 adapters

While I’d planned to do a 3 part blog series about the FPGA projects that users have or are making, I thought I’d go ahead and make this post about one amazing project I just learned about today:

68040->68060 socket adapters.

I’ve found out about 2 related projects, probably derived from the same set of research, to turn 68040 accelerators into 68060 accelerators. The first I found out about was for the WarpEngine 68040 accelerator. The other was for the far more common Commodore A3640.

The original threads:
Adapter on Amibay

More information was found about the A3640 adapter efforts (called informally the A3660). Apparently, some other changes are needed. Please see this forum thread to learn more.

Apparently, this will work for an Apollo 1240 as well.

Here’s an image of the A3660 mounted:

While I don’t have any classic hardware anymore, I’d definitely check these threads. I believe the Amibay thread is also a place to declare interest in purchasing these adapters. I’d say that you’ll probably need some electronics experience to make them work as there are other changes needed.

The Amiga community has shown again and again that they don’t need a big hardware company like Commodore/Escom/etc to keep expanding their favorite computers!