A few days ago I made my first AMIStore purchases, Workbench CANDI and the RadeonHD 2.4 driver.


I'll start with the RadeonHD driver. For me this was an upgrade from the 1.2 driver and I was pleased with the upgrade price which I felt was reasonable, however it was disappointing to find a transaction charge and VAT added at the PayPal checkout. As I understand from what I've read on the forums A-EON are currently looking at how they can incorporate these into the prices shown in AMIStore's 'shopfront'. I can appreciate that this may not be a straight forward task as different countries will have different sales taxes and I would guess PayPal makes these extras easier to manage. In terms of downloading the software AMIStore worked well and was very quick to notice that I had paid for the software through PayPal. It is nice to get such instant gratification without the usual wait for key files by email or CD-ROMs in the post. I can also see myself buying more AmigaOS software now with AMIStore making it so convenient.

In terms of the RadeonHD driver's features there is not much I can say until there is some software out that supports the driver's new features. I'm eagerly awaiting the new version of MPlayer and have fingers crossed for smooth playback of 720p video on the AmigaONE 500.

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