Deluxe Galaga by Edgar M. Vigdal for PC and Mac?

Hi guys,

Today I received an e-mail / newsletter from Edgar M. Vigdal, the creator of games like Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga and Warblade on the PC. Turns out that fans of Deluxe Galaga (myself included…) might have something to look forward to in the near future! Please have a look at what he wrote:

A New Start

A few weeks ago Simon (My longtime friend and helper) and I started fiddling around with some old Deluxe Galaga graphics files. (Deluxe Galaga was the grand dad of Warblade and were it all started) And I started coding on a small test of Deluxe Galaga in Unity.  After a few hours we had something up and running. Simon dug up his Amiga emulator and started grabbing sound samples and more of the graphics from the 2.6c version of Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga. We had a lot of fun, actually more fun with making a game then I have had in years struggling for months/years to get some game on the iOS AppStore  and then earn close to nothing. It was fun to code again!!  So as the days passed the test game got bigger and with more stuff added in. We have now uploaded some screenshot of this new project and last night even a early test version to run on a PC or Mac. We hope to complete this remake as a pixel perfect clone of the old Amiga game and have it out as soon as possible. The game will be sold separately and also later included in Warblade Mk II as a bonus play mode.  It will also help me enormously with getting my focus back on Warblade Mk II, where it should have been the whole time. Kevin my graphics wizard is also hard at work on a super cool free gift to all the Warblade Mk II funders.  And he is also working on graphics for the new game!   More very soon and new test builds will be added as soon as we have added in something new. Check test game out here : Once again, many thanks. Have fun.

As you can see, they aim at making a pixel perfect clone of the Amiga classic for both PC and Mac. Will I buy it? YES! Already looking forward to download it. ;)

If you aren’t too familiar with either Deluxe Galaga (best Galaga version ever) or Warblade, you can read my review of Warblade here.

Now… anyone else ready for some Galaga action? :D

Thanks for reading and have a good evening!