Demo: Sunglasses at Night (Amiga) (2014)


Hope you all are having a great weekend so far. :)

Just watched a demo released at the Riverwash 2014 party in Poland. It is called Sunglasses at Night (cool name for a demo I think) and it is a co-operation between two groups, Ghostown and Whelpz. I remember Whelpz very well from the 90’s since I swapped with their organizer (Hakon) back then. I did also write with a couple of other members. It is good to see that they are still alive and kicking. Who would have thought that over 15 years ago? Greetings must go out to the Whelpz crew – keep up the good work!

As seems to be the custom these days you can watch a video of the demo on YouTube. I have embedded it below for your pleasure. ;) I think it is great that there are so many demos on YouTube these days – makes it easier to watch a demo when you want to. Of course nothing beats the real thing. Anyway, it is a good demo with a very catchy and atmospheric tune. Loved it.

I see the video was uploaded by Magic/Nah-Kolor, so greets to him as well. :)

Have a good evening everyone!

You can download the demo from here:

Sunglasses at Night by Ghostown and Whelpz download