Gloom on the Amiga: Modding

Hello again,

Two days ago I wrote about Czeslaw Mnich and his compilation of maps and characters for Gloom on the Amiga.

Today I read a post on by Som99 who wrote that there actually is a resource-site for Gloom on the World Wide Web.

On that website you can download many mods for Gloom, as well as read reviews of them.

You can visit the website by following the link below:

Gloom MODs

Here is a screenshot of the site.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

I’ve never heard about this before, so it was news to me. It’s pretty cool that there is a community working on all kinds of mods for Gloom, just like with Doom on many other platforms.

And I did find that CD to burn MorphOS on two days ago. OS is installed and working great on my iBook G4. :)

Have a good evening and thanks for reading.