So one thing is for sure, if I ever release a working WinUAE port for AROS, it will have a GUI ;).

In the last post, the GUI contained just some useless gadgets, without content and actions.

Current state:

  • Most gadgets show real values, read from the config files (no sliders, no listviews so far)
  • Added winuae.ini handling, so that last floppy selections and rom selections survive restarts. Still buggy, but promising. Did you know, that WinUAE writes these things to winuae.ini and not to the registry, if you create an empty winuae.ini file in the directory of winuae.exe ;)?
  • List on the left side activates the correct pages on the right
  • Reset/Quit/Start/Cancel buttons work
  • After a Zune Bugfix you can now insert floppies and change roms (still some smaller bugs, but in overall, it works). So some buttons work, should not be too hard, to expand this to many more buttons.
  • Still a lot of work remaining..

See here:

And btw, this is all ABI v1 now. I guess, you all need some motivation to test ABI v1. So once I will release alpha versions, you will have to use and test ABI v1, which will never get completed, if nobody tries to use it ;).