Support out developers (again)

WArMUp  (The World Association of MorphOS Users) have yet again started a drive to gather funds for our various developers. This time there are two different fund raisers: one for developers in general and one for the development of the native word processor Calimero, which will be the successor of Scriba.

You can download a very early alpha of the program here. I have only given it a quick look but it has a lot of promise. It’s fast and nice looking but of course very very unfinished:


I have written a long review about word processors for MorphOS if you want to know more.

You can donate either here:

Or here (French):

I’m sorry about the lack of updates lately. The reason is that I have writers block and also other stuff to do in my life. This include working on the next issue of the Swedish Amiga magazine Amiga Forum. So now you know why :)