A-MIGA Paint

A-MIGA Paint

Is a concept for AmigaOS machines.

A modern painting/animation software tool that blends all the nice features of our favourite paint programs on the Amiga (Deluxe Paint/Brilliance)

I've spend months on the project back in 2013.  These files sit on my harddrive and while I have always enjoyed contributing to other paint packages in recent times, I still crave good tools.

Current tools I use are:

PPaint 7.3 (68k)
Brilliance 2 

Main Menu and Various tools

Zoomed export - custom Png Alpha menu

Tileable texture creation panel with zoom

Symmetry tool

Other designs not included in the post include:

- Complex gradient generators using images with colour limit settings
- Saving animated brushes with Sprite editor
- Lighting effects
- Animated gradients (think modern colour cycling)

...and much more... One can Dream :)

Other tools used in the past:

Opalpaint | TVpaint-AuraPaint | Gimp | ?