Taking a break

I’m taking an official break from my blogging. The reason is that my son is now a year old and is taking up a lot of my time. I simply don’t have time anymore for all the work that goes into writing a blog post. It’s more work than one might think.

First I need to come up something to write about. Then I need to do some research about it (which I’m pretty bad at), take necessary screen shots and then try to write comprehensively about it. It usually takes several hours with shorter posts and better part of a day with longer ones from start to finish.

Up until now this wasn’t really a problem as MorphOS is my main hobby. But now I only have enough time to play around for an hour or two. It’s not that I think it’s a bad thing really as I like spending time with my son, but I also feel bad as time goes by not writing about anything. I feel obligated to do so, so instead of not writing anything and feel bad about it I decided to just go on a break.

Note that I do plan to return one day when I get more free time again. When, I don’t know.

Until then I will stop worrying and just enjoy my favourite OS.

I want to thank Epsilon whose blog inspired me to start my own, jPV for always correcting my mistakes and offer better solutions than I do and of course all my readers who gave me kind words and encouragements.

See you all in Amigaland!