Map Tiled Editor - Great tool helping Amigans make games

Bjorn is my first Patreon I have supported and honoured to support software that helps us Amigans develop more games :)

As most of you know, Im busy working on Iridium game, just finished ReshootR and other (Amiga) projects in the background continue.  If it wasn't for other great software such as Tiled Map Editor  my game development would be alot harder or possibly non existent. 

I have now become a Patreon of this open source developer (small monthly donation), nice to give back to other developers.  What made me decide to do this besides feeling guilty using free software i use all the time and the professional interaction from Bjorn the coder.   
My message to him on his Discord channel was ..... "hello bjorn/everyone.  I have a quick question.  Is there any way of selecting a layer by clicking on a tile? In photoshop for example you can hold down command key (mac) and it goes the the layer.  The layer I want to get to quickly is (Overlay Layer) but currently in (Structure Layer).  When you have lots of layers it can be time consuming turning other layers on and off.  Still and awesome Editor, just trying to increase my workflow, hope you all are well :smiley: happy mapping." ..... Not only did I get a response but also got the idea implemented, how cool is that.

I look forward to showing more of how I use this tool for Amiga development.  

All the maps in Rygar for example have been created using this software.
Ok back to developing, thank you for everyones support.

If you would like to show support please visit his Patreon site