AMOS, 3 solutions for 3 different problems.


 3 solutions for 3 different problems.

AOZ is a web-based solution written in Javascript, intended to run on anything that supports web gl, and Web Assembly. Written

by author Francois lionet.

Amos Kittens a portable interpreter written in C / C ++, with the ability run native and has access to native filesystem and other resources, with the intent of remove EUAE from

the depenency, Amos Kittens was written by me Kjetil Hvakstrand

Amos Proseronal a development tool meant for beginners in programming, created for Classic Amiga at 198x / 199x, with layer history with many extensions. written by Francois lionet. the AGA version is being worked on by Frédéric Cordier.

Before Amos Kittens there was something called XAMOS, but it has no relation to Amos kittens project, XAMOS/JAMOS was written in C and Java, by
author Stephen Harvey-Brooks (Mequa), Stephen Harvey-Brooks passed away in 2015. project stopped,

So way AMOS in 2020, well it’s because there are people not like me who has little or no time, but wont be creative, and need safe simple to write programming language, that do not wont mess around programming language’s that crash or freeze the operating system, and just want have fun, playground bobs / sprites and collation detection.  

In addition to this Amiga community is fragmented, this makes hard for developers to make money, because you only can sell your product ¼ of the community, I wonted to give the developers to expand there market, and to become more successful.

By keeping Amos kittens open source, its now possible to see ports to MorphOS and AROS, becouse I'm only one person working on Amos Kittens, I'm focusing on AmigaOS4.1, AmigaOS1.3 - 3.9 has Amos Proseronal, of couse as prof of consept it be interesting backport it AmgaOS1.3-3.9, and to also for fun compare it the orginal Amos on same CPU, we need to cut down memory foot print, but should be doable.