NEONworld - free AMIGA game assets

 Hey Everyone,

Want to build your own Amiga game but don't have assets, we'll I decided create assets ready to use and build a game in your favourite engine or your own.  The graphics are OCS and 16 colours, this should cover every Amiga platform including the very first Amiga 1000.

I plan to do more game assets for people to play with over time. (I have other assets such as Tetris clone, and Space Invaders, but newer ideas will come)

This screenshot shows the example map created in "Tiled" and the complete game assets in the bottom right section.

If your interested in future please read the details and grab the assets from my patreon site. (zip file)

The idea is to encourage more people to play around with the newer engines such as RedPill, Scorpion or work on their own. 

P.S. The only condition is the game is free and add credits and links back to me :)
If you enjoy what I do, please consider becoming a Patreon or send a Beer :)