New printmag: AMIGA ADDICT - preorder now!

Awesome news from the printed side of things: A new magazine is underway!

Continuing the tradition of great english language Amiga magazines like AMIGA FORMAT, CU Amiga, and others, AMIGA ADDICT is a new printed magazine from the UK. 

Or more precisely: not "is", but "will be" if all goes well. For the first issue at least 500 preorders are needed, for the publishers to get an idea of the market, and cover production costs.

Some of the first issue's contents are: PageStream review, RaspberryPi Amiga 600, Cloanto interview, Simon Butler interview, contributions by AmigaBill and Kim Justice, game reviews, and much more. Preview pictures and articles look very promising. It's a full color A4 print, and it seems it's created on Amiga using PageStream. Both printed, and digital download versions will be available.

The new printmag's logo design

This is a great chance to obtain what might be a future historic magazine issue, and support an Amiga startup along the way!

Go to...

...and preorder the first issue!