AMIGA A1100 - new, awesome Amiga 1000 mainboard!

Awesome news from the hardware scene: After numerous FPGA Amiga implementations, re-imagined Amiga 500 and 1200 mainboards, all sorts of new accelerator designs, and so on, the Amiga 1000 gets a major overhaul with "AMIGA A1100".

Miguel "Estrayk" Fides from Spain has just published information about his "A1100" mainboard, which is designed to fit a Amiga 1000 case. Using modern components along with some original ones, this new mainboard looks quite different from the original Amiga 1000 PCB - and it has a lot of impressive new features:

  • CPU Motorola 68020@14Mhz (PGA)
  • OCS/ECS chipset (original Paula / Agnus / Denise required)
  • 2MB ChipRAM
  • 64MB FastRAM
  • 2.5'' IDE controller
  • support for single and dual Kickstart ROMs (three sockets total)
  • built-in flickerfixer and scandoubler with RGB, cinch and VGA connectors
  • A1000 (86pin) and A1200 (150pin) expansion connectors
  • A1200 clockport
  • ATX power supply connector

According to SysInfo the A1100 is easily twice as fast as a stock Amiga 1200.

It looks as if currently there's no distribution or anything planned, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, the developer is evaluating possible options.

Here's a video showing the A1100 in action (2021-02-10):

Very nice, certainly a great piece of Amiga hardware to keep an eye on!