AMIGA alive software: xiffview 0.2 - IFF ILBM picture viewer for Linux/X

Our third software release is out. It's xiffview v0.2, an X-windows app for Linux. Xiffview displays IFF ILBM pictures as created with DeluxePaint, PersonalPaint, and many other programs on the Amiga, in a window on your Linux X desktop.

Just a straightforward little image viewer program that was created to simplify the cross-compiling Amiga software developer's daily work. It supports simple palette based (2 to 256 colors) images only - no HAM, no animations, EHB might give weird results - and it's been tested only a little so far, so don't panic if some of your pictures don't look perfect on xiffview. It requires a true-color X screen to run on, is freeware, and the sourcecode is included.

See Readme-file included for more information.

You can download it from AmiNet:

xiffview displaying an IFF ILBM picture on an X screen