P96 V3.3.1 is out!

Jens Schönfeld / individual Computers is showing his commitment to Amiga RTG software by releasing another update of P96 graphics card driver.

Here's a copy of the v3.3.1 list of changes:

  • The Cirrus5434.chip driver was broken (Piccollo64, Matze's graphics card) and did not switch back from direct color modes to chunky modes.
  • One release of UAE had an issue by indicating that it would support mode mixing, but forgot to provide the necessary call-backs in some configurations. P96 provides now default call-backs avoiding the crash.
  • Bitmap handling was simplified and streamlined.
  • The Visiona driver supports now panning and interlace.
  • The installer places now the P96 version into ENVARC:Picasso96/Version so you know what you have on the system.
  • The installer no longer provides wrong default selections for the available boards in case the list of installed boards requires more than one page.
  • The installer makes a very tiny consistency check on the unpacked files as some people unpacked on the PC, and then protection bits were incorrect.

Also the installer for Buddha has been updated to v1.4. See links below for all the details.