February 2014

JetHunt AGA - Coming 2014

Due to land on the Amiga scene at some point in 2013, it would seem that the JetHunt AGA has been delayed, and will now see the light of day this year instead.

Here's JetHunt programmer Coagulus, with an update;

"Sorry all, I didn't manage to get this out in 2013 [...] - had some display issues and some silly bugs which stalled me over Christmas."

He continues;

Post-traumatic Jfokus syndrome

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 10 February 2014

So, Jfokus 2014 is over. I mentioned it briefly in my previous blog, but in short it's Sweden's largest Java conference, with roughly 1500 visitors, 6-7 concurrent sessions spanning three days. The speakers come from various places, like Oracle, Red Hat, Spotify, and of course, Omegapoint! My attendance is part of Omegapoint's yearly field trip to this event. I work at Omegapoint, hence my shameless plugs.

DOpus 5.9 Updated on X1000

A few months ago I started playing with the new Dopus 5.9 Magellan II Beta for AmigaOS4 on the X1000. Work has continued on a daily basis on improving the software, with kas1e and others working hard on it! I downloaded the latest nightly update version of Dopus 5.9 this week and played around with it this weekend to see what has improved: