September 2014

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 3

So next step is to try to get rid of cables and adapters of the outside the machine.

As my machine often is actually placed BELOW my desk I am not able to use the Amiga keyboard (that finally WILL be in the machine aswell) I got a Lyra2 keyboard adapter, letting me use a PS/2 type of keyboard on the machine.  It also works fine with my KVM switch (allowing me to use keyboard/monitor/mouse (KVM=KeyboardVideoMouse ) on all my machines.)

Well the Lyra adapter comes with a plate for towers, I do not want to go tower.

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 2

Ok. Next thing to get into the Amiga. the Phase 5 Blizzard PPC Accelerator.

As I told in the beginning, I got hold of an Blizzard PPC, 25MHz 68040, 175MHz 603e+ PPC CPU. I asked around if someone can upgrade it.

Basicly everyone recomended this guy called Stachu in Poland for this kind of job. So I did. some weeks later I got a package:

Approaching 2.8.10

As my old WinUAE port was based on WinUAE 2.3.1 sources, which are quite dated now, I decided to first merge my tree with more up to date sources, before I start to fix/improve the port.

As the WinUAE 2.9.x is still in heavy development, I went for the last stable release 2.8.10 and merged all the files. The port of 2.3.1 was quite a lot of work, as the code failed with gcc on many places. Luckily, Toni has fixed lot of those places in the meantime, so this saved me a lot of time.

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 1

I had an A1200 with an ACA1232 accelerator. when suddenly I got hold of an BPPC Accelerator and BVision.

the BPPC Was 040 so I checked out and found one that could upgrade it to 060 and also change the PPC to a faster one. in Poland. So.. I did send it there.  when I got it home I was thinking. what to do with out?  Tower? or my first plan. my A1200 case was a blackpainted one and no keyboard. but I got hold of a nice A1200 case and keyboard.  so. why not try to put it all back in an A1200 case and actually try to get this running WITHOUT a tower that most BPPC Machines are.

Pixelated Platformer "Boxx" Released

If you're a visitor to the English Amiga Board you'll have no doubt stumbled upon Cammy's excellent tutorial for the games creation system "Backbone". While the games created using the utility regularly receive stick for being resource hungry (running most Backbone authored titles on anything less than an 030 machine is pretty painful) it gives those with little or no programming ability a chance to create their own Amiga games.

WinUAE PowerPC – Huge speed increases with AmigaOS4.1

So, Toni (WinUAE developer), and Frode (FS-UAE developer), have collaborated to get QEMU’s PowerPC core code working. Their first release with the PPC JIT code was 2900b15. While I did download and test it, I didn’t see a huge speed increase. There was a marginal increase with my laptop and definitely much closer to the real NextGen hardware, it still didn’t feel like we were there yet.

Election, Amiga Forum and switching DVD device.

Today is election day in Sweden. I’m watching the events unfold and it looks like we will have a change of government: from an alliance of conservatives, pseudo-liberals, Christians and farmers party turned Randian capitalists turned back to farmers party to an alliance of social democrats, socialists and the green party. The feminists have grown but doesn’t seem to make it all the way into government. And the “not racist but …” party Sweden democrats will apparently become the third biggest party in Sweden.

Prof of concept, EPL labels on AmigaOS.

Well I felt like writing some about working I have been doing lately. For now I'm not going to say anything about mplayer, all I can say is that there has been some improvements. I you might have seen my barcode application, well I was nostalgic about EPL & ZPL printers, but don't have a printer my self so need a application to display labels, I know there are label design tools for PC, but what is the fun in using some one else has created?