May 2016

How to Improve Your Handwriting

One more interest Is on Close Inspection. Amateur or Shining Star?

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How to Begin a Publishing Career

What’s more enjoyable to get a childthan being urged to enjoy inside the filth there are numerous advantages of growing a garden aside from the superior, not-so-clean fun garden provides. Whether developing a small pot garden athome or a big backyard at school, the process of planting and tending a backyard has real, cultural, emotional and intelligent rewards.

A600: Replacing internal HxC SD with Gotek HxC on my beast

Hey my friends.

Some months ago (and haven't found the reason yet) my internal HxC SD stopped working (LCD screen wasn't working and no sound was coming from buzzer.
After removing everything, I made a continuity test on whole board (comparing it with another HxC SD that I have) but still couldn't find anything wrong. HxC SD gets voltage but something is shortcircuiting and gives issues but I didn't have enough appetite atm to troubleshoot it more.

After seeing about Gotek and HxC's firmware adaptation by Jeff, I decided to give it a go :)

PicassoII+ graphics card clone available

It appears the search for RTG cards continue as the available supply on the market continues to shrink. A few years ago, I could find a PicassoII card on Ebay occasionally for $200USD or less. These days, if they ever show up, they are going for $300USD or more.

Appealing Research Paper Topics

A five-year-old woman was unfortunately slain when a a struck the small woman who had been boating with her family and that increases to twelve feet to an average of seven leaped from the water. / sturgeon was killed by by Girl Creates, via ABC Information: "A-5-year-old lady operating in a ship has died after a sturgeon leaped from the Suwannee River and arranged her.

Taking a break

I’m taking an official break from my blogging. The reason is that my son is now a year old and is taking up a lot of my time. I simply don’t have time anymore for all the work that goes into writing a blog post. It’s more work than one might think.

First I need to come up something to write about. Then I need to do some research about it (which I’m pretty bad at), take necessary screen shots and then try to write comprehensively about it. It usually takes several hours with shorter posts and better part of a day with longer ones from start to finish.