February 2017

A Look At Solid Gold Collectors Edition

Amiga time again, going through the backlog of blog posts now and this is just one of many that i intended to publish in December 2016. Well, that didn’t happen for several reasons, quality, waiting for proper review time and so on.. Well here you are, this is the first of many Amiga games articles that was originally planned (and many started & completed) in 2016… I planned on...


Trivia Time: Sonic’s First Home Console/Computer Debut Was Actually On The Amiga

I have had this game since it came out back in 1991 and yes i am well aware of it having Sonic in it, but there was one thing that i did not know before now, and that was that this was Sonic The Hedgehog’s first appearance in an computer/console game. The game is ofcourse The Adventures Of Quik & Silva, yes the plattformer which had like a gazillion stolen cameos in it, Mario Brothers...


Replacement RAM for GVP accelerators

So, anyone who has ever had an Amiga Accelerator from GVP (Great Valley Products), knows they are good hardware. But you’ve also probably noticed that the accelerators only take GVP-designed RAM SIMMs. I don’t know if this was to satisfy some timing issues or electrical issues or if they just wanted to keep close control over the RAM for profit reasons.

Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 for Amiga OS4

So, I think I blogged about Stratagus a long time ago. It was an RTS engine that was ported to Amiga OS4 (and possibly 3.x as well). Using some addons, called Stargus, Amiga users could play Starcraft 1. It’s been around for a while but there is something called Wargus for Stratagus that makes Warcraft 2 available for Stratagus.