February 2017

Setting up a cross compiler for the Amiga

Here’s a video for those interested in getting into development for the Amiga (and Amiga-related OSs like AROS and MorphOS). This involves setting up a cross compiler system to build the final output which will run on the Amiga. Very helpful:

Rumored features of MorphOS 3.10

As usual, the MorphOS team doesn’t tell you when the new release will come. Sometimes, the release of the SDK beforehand will let you know when it is close but it has been some months now.

However, there are some rumors running about now for the next 3.10 release:

It’s History!…. Again

It is not often that i write about magazines anymore on the blog, and when i checked now i could only find a total of only 3 articles on the topic. I must admit that my love for magazines have faded over the years due to the fact that there ain’t anything out there anymore that i subscribe to,well except for Amiga Future which i have written about twice already. I rescued a lot of mags a...


Installation of Amiga OS4.1 on the new Tabor A1222 board

The Amiga x5000 hardware is the high-end and is on sale now. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost you a lot. Here in America, the board alone is about $1500USD and the full system about $2000.

For those that want real PPC hardware, and can’t find a used system on Amibay, there is a board that has been mentioned here before called the Tabor (A1222), a collaboration between A-EON (makers of x1000 and x5000) and Acube (creators of the SAM 440/460 line).

J68 can now speak with BEMICRO MAX 10 onboard SDRAM

So for the longest time, I’ve wanted to use the onboard 8MB SDRAM that is present on the BEMICRO MAX 10 fpga eval board. This is now a reality!

I’ve successfully integrated a controller with some glue logic to connect to the J68.

I’ve mapped the $20000-$81FFFE to the SDRAM. All calls to ROM (stored on-FPGA FLASH) are retrieved properly, some low level RAM calls access the on-FPGA M9K memory blocks, and the UARTs are all handled fairly seemlessly.

Here’s the very simple 68K memory check routine. Obviously this can be expanded on, but it’s passing!!

Updating your old Amiga Mouse

Okay, so I admit that I was thinking about doing something like this with an old Amiga tank mouse to be used with an emulated system (this would involve an Amiga 500 case with a modern hardware inside, running Amithlon or MorphOS).

I think this pcb hardware update for old Amiga Mice would work nicely with this.

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