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PPCJITBETA02 (The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship)

We have just arrived to another exciting milestone on the long road: all the important instructions for the initial release are implemented under the JIT compiling.*

Lots of bugs were fixed, the emulator is much more stable now than the initial beta release.

Some new features are added too: I have merged the SAM440EP/Flex support (thanks to Soft3) and the CGX overlay for MorphOS (thanks to Thunder and Fab). See configuration documentation regarding how to set the overlay up.

Moving stuff around

Long time no see! No wonder: we just moved to a new house, which usually means lots of things to deal with and boxes wherever I look. (I hate this soo much! I badly need my daily routine, but how can I find my stuff?!) Finally, we are getting settled again and I was able to dig up the good ol' Amiga again under the pile of boxes. And this new house is just awesome, so it worth all the pain we went through.

The Hot and the Cold

I just realized the last update was more than a month ago. Time flies, especially when we have fun, right? :)
Well, we had some fun at least: a short holiday in the (unusually) hot Hungarian summer. 38 degrees Celsius, it was almost unbearable for us after we got used to the cooler kiwi climate.
Then we came back to the (unusually) cold New Zealand Winter. 8 degrees Celsius, almost unbearable for us now. Hard to please, you might say. ;)