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It’s Showtime: Oslo Tekniske Museum – Game On 2.0

Ever gone to a museum where you just couldn’t get enough?. I visited Oslo Tekniske Museum to visit their Game On 2.0 exhibit and i must admit that my expectations was very low, i mean, museums tends to be boring in the long run and yes the worst part is that you end up walking in a line/que all the time. I was wrong… Sunday morning is perfect for a day at the museum… I have not...


A Look At Sky Force Anniversary

Good vertical/top view shooters are many, way too many to mention and i am sure i will trigger some emotions when i say that my favorites of all time was mostly from the late 80’s era. 1942 , Raiden,Twin Cobra, Banshee and Flying shark being the ones i like the most and to me they all count as both fantastic games and some very good childhood memories. Sky Force Anniversary is the new king...



I have written more than once(1)(2) about RESHOOT on this blog, and i can safely say that my expectations have been quite high for the last 8 months or so now. But why? – what did i base these expectations on? Normally game devs/publishers send out stuff regularly to the public or they give exclusive deals to specific sites or publications. None of the above ever happened. Very little...