AmiWest 2013 Programming Conference Expanding!

Conversation with Steven Solie, developer lead for AmigaOS, has confirmed that the next AmiWest Programming Conference will be held October 16-18.  In order to give everyone a day to travel, the first sessions will begin on October 16 on or about 5 PM Pacific time.


Divine Intervention?

Achieving Warp factor......3D

"I cannae change the laws of physics!" or so Scotty would say on Star Trek - the original series. Then 5 minutes later he would do just that, allowing Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to once again save the day!

The colour Mauve

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 30 January 2013

As briefly mentioned in my previous entry, trying anything more fancy than sending a little data over the network, causes JamVM to wildly crash. I've yet not found the reason for this, it only happens for one particular example (that I've come across) and I can't find any obvious cause for it. It happens right after JamVM has actually ended, and the crash is according to Grim Reaper caused by the process of name "", which milliseconds before was named "jamvm.exe".

AmiWest 2013 dates and location announced!

AmiWest 2013 is already on a roll.  The dates for AmiWest 2013 are October 16-20, 2013.  This includes the next AmiWest Programming workshop on October 16-18.  We have added a day to the Programming Workshop for a total of five (5) days including both events.


We are also returning to our previous (and best) venue at the Holiday Inn Express, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95821.  We will have information on room rates soon.


AmiWest 2012 - Thanks to all!

We here at AmiWest and the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club wish to thank everyone who made AmiWest 2012 such a great success.  Our SACC members, Gold Sponsor Trevor Dickinson, Bill Borsari, Steven Solie, Chuck Washburn, and a whole list of organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and presenters really made AmiWest 2012 happen.


Are you AmiUpdated?

blog_updateSince the release of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 there have been over 25 updates released via the integrated AmiUpdate system.

AmigaOS customers can expect many more updates as we catch up on component releases. There may even be some new features slipped in now and then to keep things interesting.