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A-EON Announces $1.2 Million Hardware Investment at AmiWest 2013

In the largest financial commitment in many years, Trevor Dickinson, Managing Director of A-EON, announced his company's commitment to invest $1.2 million USD in testing and manufacturing the latest Amiga PPC hardware.  The new mainboard, named the Cyrus Plus, will make use of the latest PPC processors (including one one its way to market) in its design.


Partner Amigakit are making arrangements worldwide for distribution of the new boards.  Interested parties should contact Amigakit through their website,


Dates Announced for AmiWest 2014

As is customary at AmiWest, the dates for the coming year were announced at the conclusion of the show.  October 23-24, 2014  will be the third AmiWest Programming Seminar, and October 24-26, 2014 will be the AmiWest show dates.  AmiWest 2014 will be the 17th AmiWest show.


Our venue remains the same at the Holiday Inn Express, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA.  This venue was our partner in a great AmiWest 2013 and we have no doubt that they will also be our "get it done" partner in 2014 as well. 


AmiWest 2013 Show Sponsors and Exhibitors

Many thanks to our AmiWest 2013 sponsors and exhibitors!

Every year, many people put in countless hours of volunteer time
to make AmiWest happen. Without these people, this show would
never happen. And because of them, it happens every year. Here
are the groups of people that make AmiWest 2013 a reality. Thank
you one and all!


Twas the Night before Programming. . .

The second AmiWest Programming Seminar begins tomorrow,
16, 2013 at 5 PM. Led by AmigaOS Developer Team Lead Steven
Solie, the seminar promises to advance the skills of Amiga

Steve has an amazing grasp of Amiga programming, so much so
he has re-written the "C" language to make it more Amiga
efficient. Along with presenters Lyle Hazelwood and Paul
we hope that the event will be productive and encouraging for
all participants.

AmiWest 2013 Banquet Reservations Still Open!

Our caterer has agreed to a short extension for the AmiWest 2013 banquet deadline.  We are able to accept continuing reservations for banquet tickets until further notice


PLEASE NOTE THAT, AS ALWAYS, NO BANQUET TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR!  This is a catered event and each meal is reserved in advance.  We don't want to turn anyone away, so please reserve your tickets now.


We are expecting a large number of attendees this year due to selling out the hotel.  Don't be left out of the banquet!  RESERVE NOW!






The Hotel Next Door. . .

In an AmiWest first, our Holiday Inn Express hotel has sold out of rooms due to our event .  The hotel next door is holding another 25 rooms open next door (across the parking lot) at the Hampton Inn & Suites Sacramento-Cal Expo, 2230 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California, 95821, USA TEL: 1-916-927-2222 FAX: 1-916-927-2014. 


Five days until the Second AmiWest Programming Conference commences

On October 16, 2013, AmigaOS Developer Team Lead Steven Solie and his crew will start the second AmiWest Programming Conference at 5 PM.  Dinner will be served.  The venue is the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Scramento, CA, 95821. 


There is still time to sign up at The cost is $50.00 per person and includes dinner on Wednesday and lunches on Thursday and Friday.  All those who signed up before today have already been invoiced for their conference fee.


We hope to see you there!

AmiWest Payments Invoiced

Everyone who submitted a programming seminar or banquet ticket
reservation up to and including 10/8/13 has been invoiced through
PayPal, as well as all sponsors and exhibitors who have expressed an
interest in AmiWest. Please pay as soon as you can.

Thanks to one and all for your financial support for AmiWest 2013.
As an all-volunteer show, we depend upon exhibitor and sponsor
support to make our show happen. We appreciate all who support us
in this way and look forward to seeing you at AmiWest next week.