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AmiWest 2013 Banquet Speaker and Panel Confirmed

Join us at the Amiwest 2013 banquet for our keynote presentation and panel
discussion. Eldee Stephens, a microprocessor developer with IBM Corp.,
will begin by presenting an overview of the history of Power and the
PowerPC, current trends within the Power Architecture community, an update
on Power Architecture community members' product roadmaps, and why Power
remains a vital part of the 'always-connected' era of computing. Mr.
Stephens will then be joined by Steven Solie, AmigaOS Development Team

Hyperion Entertainment Confirmed for AmiWest 2013

Steven Solie will represent Hyperion Entertainment at AmiWest 2013. The
latest Hyperion developments will be on hand for show attendees. And, as
always, there will likely be surprises in store for everyone.

So be sure to come to AmiWest 2013! We said so much about our show site in
the last post to this blog that we will let that stand as information for
show attendees. Make your reservations - we will see you at AmiWest 2013 in
less than 60 days!

The AmiVerse?!? What is it?

What  is  the  AmiVerse?  In the beginning of Amigadom, there was the Amiga
computer.   No  number, with AmigaDOS as its operating system.  It just had
color  graphics,  sound,  and could run many visible, high-level tasks (not
just  processes) at once, right out of the box.  That capability was called
mutli-tasking.   It  amazed those who first experienced it's uses at a time
when  all  else  just  had  green-screen or black-and-white everything in silence.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend AmiWest 2013 - # 10

Those of us close to AmiWest are always excited about what will happen at
the show.  Of course, we're involved in planning it, contacting potential
vendors, exhibitors, presenters, and speakers, and the rest of the details
involved in presenting AmiWest to the Amiga community.

But why should you come to join us?  We believe there are compelling
reasons to be here in person at AmiWest 2013.  Here's  a countdown of our most compelling reasons to attend, from #10 down to #1. 

Update on Updates

I was reminded today by Bill Borsari that my last update to the AmiWest
website  was  May 17, 2013.  Personal circumstances necessitated a break.  So now, back to regular updates.  .

Even  absent  the  updates,  other  things  have  been happening behind the
scenes,  as always.  The unexpected is always expected at AmiWest, and sure
enough, it has been occurring.

You  are  cordially  invited  to keep tabs on this page - many more updates
will follow!

AmiWest 2013 Theme Announced

AmiWest  planners  have  debated  and discussed the theme for our show this
year.   It  should be something that we haven't done or emphasized much, if
that's  possible  in the 16th year of the show.  And it should be something
with wider appeal to encourage attendance.

So  our  theme this year is AMIGA COMMUNITY 2013 - the AmiVerse.  Now what,
you may be asking, is so novel about that?!?  Isn't that what we always do?

AmiWest 2013 Programming Conference Expanding!

Conversation with Steven Solie, developer lead for AmigaOS, has confirmed that the next AmiWest Programming Conference will be held October 16-18.  In order to give everyone a day to travel, the first sessions will begin on October 16 on or about 5 PM Pacific time.


AmiWest 2013 dates and location announced!

AmiWest 2013 is already on a roll.  The dates for AmiWest 2013 are October 16-20, 2013.  This includes the next AmiWest Programming workshop on October 16-18.  We have added a day to the Programming Workshop for a total of five (5) days including both events.


We are also returning to our previous (and best) venue at the Holiday Inn Express, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95821.  We will have information on room rates soon.