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Quitting the blog permanently

I think most of you have figured it out already, but I thought I should make it official anyway. I am quitting this blog permanently. The reasons are twofold.

First, I got two sons now and they take up a lot of my time.

Second, my interests have shifted and I no longer use MorphOS much.

I will keep everything I’ve written as it were in the hopes that it’s still useful to someone.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

 / Johannes Genberg

Taking a break

I’m taking an official break from my blogging. The reason is that my son is now a year old and is taking up a lot of my time. I simply don’t have time anymore for all the work that goes into writing a blog post. It’s more work than one might think.

First I need to come up something to write about. Then I need to do some research about it (which I’m pretty bad at), take necessary screen shots and then try to write comprehensively about it. It usually takes several hours with shorter posts and better part of a day with longer ones from start to finish.


If you remember my last post I wrote about some viruses I got and took care of. But it got me thinking about doing something I have been putting off for years: backing up and organizing everything. When you have a couple of terrabytes of stuff counting to hundreds of thousands of individual files then you can guess what I’ve been doing these last two months.


One of the downsides of MorphOS’s compatibility with the classic Amiga is that a lot of it’s viruses is also compatible. The other day I got reminded of this and decided to check my system for viruses.

There isn’t a native virus checker, but for the same reason you can get Amiga viruses, you can also use some Amiga virus checkers. The one that is most up to date is from 2004 and is called VirusZ.

Connecting MorphOS to a network

File: Smart SMBFS

One of the few things I never bothered to learn anything about is how networks work. Mostly because it used to be such a complicated matter when I was young and into computers, and later in life when I started to actually need it it had already become a simple task. Just insert a LAN cable and let Windows do the job for you. So my knowledge about networking is pretty much zero.

New game: Tower 57

There is right now a kickstarter for a neo-retro style “Chaos Engine” clone out there called Tower 57. I liked the style from the start and pledged myself an “early bird”. But then the developer dropped a very unexpected hint: he wanted to port the game (if the kickstarter is successful) to AmigaOS 4. Not to make any real money out of it (there isn’t any), but just because he grew up with the Amiga and was happy to hear that development was still ongoing.

Sorting stuff with MorphOS

A couple of months ago I purchased a 1 TB 2.5″ external USB HDD in order to sort all of my stuff from my various computers into one single, well organised place. The idea is that every computer will eventually have the exact same system. So when I add new stuff (pictures, videos, backups etc) all I need to do is dragging the folder to the HDD and it will add the new stuff.