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The future of content creation on blogs in 2023

I saw a post from the blog website Vintage is the New Old this week announcing they are closing down the site. I was naturally sad to see this. I thank them for their work, and wish the creators well for the future. 

I am not at all surprised by the reasons why they are closing it down. It touched a nerve with me, so I wanted to make a small comment about it.

Perth Amiga group meeting May 2023

 I found out recently about the Perth Amiga User Group (you can find them on Facebook here), and decided to go to one of their meetings in late May 2023 and make a weekend getaway out of it!

However, I couldn't go there empty-handed, so I decided to work some more on my Amiga 600 build, as it is the smallest Amiga and therefore the easiest to bring in my luggage on the 3 hour flight to Perth.

Commodore 64 is alive in 2023

Although it is well known that I am a big Amiga fan, I also have a lot of love for the Commodore 64, which I still have and actively use in 2023. 

There is a lot of new release games, demos and even a new operating system for the Commodore 64 in 2023 to enjoy. So today I wanted to shine a light on the amazing world of Commodore 64 in 2023!

New Amiga 500 build

Lately I have been working on a new Amiga 500 build. I decided to pick up a second hand Amiga 500 locally to use for the build, and upgraded it with a bunch of updates which I will cover in this blog post.