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Amiga 2000 Rebuild Project Part 1

 This month has been crazy busy for work, so I have not had as much time to work on my Amiga projects as I wanted. That said, I made some big progress this month on the rebuild of my Amiga 2000.

Trains and trams in Prague

 It is nice to blog about something Train related for the first time in a while. Today I am checking out regional trains, subway trains, trams and train museums in Prague!

My Mega 65 has arrived!

This week I returned from a business trip overseas for the past few weeks. This is why I haven't been able to blog this month until now. But now I am back, and my pre-ordered Mega 65 computer has arrived!

So what is a Mega 65? 

10th Anniversary of AmigaOne X1000

 It is amazing to think it has been 10 years since I first got my AmigaOne X1000 system, back in early 2012. I didn't want the anniversary to pass without mentioning it - even though it is not the triumph I was hoping for back in 2012!

New Aurora R12 Gaming PC

First and foremost, I must apologise for the long gap between my last blog post in December to now. I hope your 2022 is going well, and that you and your families are doing well.

I have been so busy with work commitments this year due to a promotion into a global role, and that has left little time for me to do justice to any significant blog entry.

Doscember Pentium 200 PC MS-DOS setup

 It was announced that the Adelaide Retro Computing Group meeting in December would be a DOS themed meeting called Doscember. A few years ago I setup a Pentium 200MMX as my ultimate MS-DOS machine for running demos on the PC from the peak period for this in the 1990's.

I decided to delve a little deeper and find out what else I could do with the setup to show at the meeting. I was surprised at what else you can run under MS-DOS!