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Planes, Trains, Food and catching up with AmiKit creator

 My February has been really busy, travelling for business in late January to Prague, which is in the Czech Republic. I had assumed I would have time to do some blog posts when I returned but it has been very busy since my return in mid February too! 

Before I left for Europe in late January I did get some time to try out some of the latest 2024 Amiga demos from Gerp 2024:

CrowPi Lite laptop running Amikit 12, MIDI and real Amiga floppy disks

Recently I found out about a Raspberry Pi laptop solution called CrowPi Lite. I have seen plenty of these solutions in the past, but they were never truly mobile solutions - but this one is different. 

I decided to get one, and get it working with AmiKit 12, with MIDI hardware support and even using real Amiga floppies via drawbridge usb floppy drives! Keep reading for more details!

Shiki-Shima train journey

 Finally, after 4 years of trying, I have finally won the lottery for a ticket on the luxury Shiki Shima train in Japan, which is one of the most difficult trains in the world to get a ticket to ride, and one of the most expensive also! 

I got to ride on the Shiki-Shima train in October 2023 and it is an amazing train!

Amiga 500 with AmiKit 12 Pistorm, new games and Checkmate 1500 plus

 Way back in June this year, I setup an Amiga 500 to use the original Commodore A590 and A570 CD drives, with other upgrades as well. You can see that post here

Why is that relevant? Well, at that time I pulled apart my Checkmate 1500 Plus case with an Amiga 500 motherboard and Pistorm upgrade to use for that, leaving the Checkmate case without a computer, and also without a Pistorm setup anymore.

Misc Amiga upgrades and new games

 To say the last month has been busy is an understatement. I have had so much to do for work, setting up a new office in Japan, and other overseas projects also in progress.

Finding time for the Amiga has been challenging, with trips overseas in August and this month meaning little time to spend on playing with them.