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Introducing AMISearch

AMISearch is a Google Custom Search I have built to search websites relating to AmigaOS 4 and the AmigaONE platform.

I decided to create this search engine to make it easier for AmigaOS 4 users to find information they need.

It is early days still but please feel free to try it out at and let me know your suggestions for websites and categories to add to the search. Thanks!

Assist CD-ROM Now Shipping!

The Assist CD-ROM is now shipping to premium edition users. The CD-ROM comes boxed in a DVD case with printed insert, please see photo below. As well as Assist itself the CD-ROM includes printable PDF copies of the step-by-step tutorials and full size preview images. If you would like a copy of the CD-ROM simply register for the premium edition of Assist.

Assist 2.01

Assist 2.01 is now available to download from OS4Depot. This update includes a few minor bug fixes, new articles, new tutorials and additional preview images.
New users can grab the latest version from OS4Depot, while existing users can update to this latest release via AmiUpdate.

Assist 2.0 Released

Assist 2.0 is now available to download from OS4Depot. This update sees significant changes to make browsing the A-Z faster, a fresh new look and much more.

New users can grab the latest version from OS4Depot, while existing users can update to this latest release via AmiUpdate.

Assist 2.0 Sneak Peak

I've been working on Assist 2.0 for a while now and the latest version of the knowledge base is slowly coming together. Some fairly major changes have happened to how the program works which make browsing the A-Z faster. There is also a new layout that shows key information about programs above the article and after a long absence screenshots have returned to the A-Z. Regular users might also notice a few other cosmetic changes in the screenshot below.

Dual Screens on the AmigaONE 500

I recently acquired an 'old' Dell LCD display from my dad who found it lurking in the back of a cupboard. I say 'old' because it doesn't seem to have been used and is suspected to have come with a PC some years ago and then for some reason was put away and forgotten about. I decided to put the screen to some use and hook it up to my AmigaONE 500.